Now Europe Wants To Tax Even The Air Conditioning

Now Europe Wants To Tax Even The Air Conditioning

The use of fluorinated gases that are particularly harmful to the environment, will soon be put out of business, with respect to those who, in these days of summer heat, it makes extensive use directly taking to throttle the air conditioner.

This was decided by the Committee on the Environment and Health of the European Parliament konsultan pajak jakarta, approving with 49 votes in favor, 16 against and no abstentions a bill is presented a thirty-seven Dutch Green MEP, Bas Eickhout.

“It is a rather controversial text – she says with veiled concern the Hon. Tiziano Motti (pictured), deputy cheese elected to Parliament in the ranks of the European People’s Party and a permanent member of the Committee on the Single Market and Consumer Protection – The risk in these cases is that the noble goals of environmental protection them pay at the end always consumers and their families, who already struggle to make ends meet. ”

The harmonization of standards, testing and production criteria prepared by the “European Committee for Standardization” sometimes requires substantial investment for our companies, already strained by the crisis.

According to the new EU proposal, the overall use of hydro-fluorocarbons, gas co-responsible for the ozone hole, should be reduced by 84% by 2030, while air conditioners and refrigerators of the new generation will have to do without starting between 2015 and 2020. To avoid the ban decided by the EU is circumvented through imports, the Committee on the Environment has also strengthened legislation proposing a ban appropriate import from non-EU countries.

Motti also recalled the general principle polluter pays established after the sinking of the tanker Erika in Britain in December 1999 where 15,000 tons of crude oil were spilled into the sea with huge environmental damage on the French and Spanish coasts. And since those who use the air conditioner, or even the refrigerator, polluter, Parliament has given the green light to the application of a surcharge that can reach a maximum of 10 euro per tonne of CO2 produced by hydro-fluorocarbons. The “penalty” will be applied to the producers.

“The hope is that this rule constitutes a real incentive to innovate and recycle in all regions of Europe, rather than passed on to consumers in terms of price increase – added the Hon. Motti – We Members belonging to the Commission for Consumer Protection still keep under strict control the development of the application of this legislation. Refrigerators and air conditioning are like phones: all use it, for the convenience that represent, knowing that their use, in some way, create a long-term damage to things or people, but as the EU has recently cut drastically prices of mobile communications, I expect that you will do the same offering of eco-incentives to those who intend to switch to more sustainable refrigeration solutions. “