How Expensive the House Expands

How Expensive the House Expands

Who decides to expand their home with new environments faces an infinity of important choices concerning the design of new environments, until they are realized. The costs of house enlargement are a primary and inevitable aspect, to be considered with extreme caution. As we will see in this Book of Ideas, addressing reliable professionals is of paramount importance. Starting from architects, who must not only manage the design and implementation of projects, but also help those who want to create a project to expand their home from a cost perspective, obtaining the best possible relationship between the quality of the Project and saving possible.

Simple ground floor expansion

Enlarging a home today costs between 1000 and 2000 euros per square meter. Of course, this depends on the location of your home, its location in a city or a rural area in an urban context, especially in a big city, costs will be higher. By averaging, you can assume that the costs of a 4×5 square meter expansion will fluctuate between 20 and 40,000 euros, which will then add additional costs to architects, municipal taxes, licenses, property registers and VAT. Once again, it is important to emphasize how important it is to consult professionals to determine the actual costs for enlargement that are appropriate for your area of ??residence.

The extension of the second floor

A similar calculation can be extended to extensions that extend to higher floors. Of course, the calculation of costs will also have to be adjusted to the extent necessary to make the structure adjustments and necessary permissions necessary.

Expanding the kitchen or bathroom

If the extension of the house includes a new kitchen or bathroom, the additional costs will increase because it will be necessary to dispose of the spaces according to the water and electricity connections. Depending on the choice of furniture and space dimensions, then the costs may also vary considerably. We can expect a bathroom cost between 4 and 6,000 euros, of 8,000-10,000 euros for the average kitchen.

Beware of the details

Savings are certainly one of the things to consider when requesting a home improvement budget. But the details are also important, and should be considered and weighed in advance to find a synthesis between your desires, architectural needs and costs. A wall like the one we see, for example, could increase the costs of house enlargement.