Create Beautiful Photos by Using Photo Editor

When it comes to photo editor, most people will choose Adobe Photoshop. This photo editing app can create beautiful photos with its tool. However, some of them might not choose this app since the original version of Adobe Photoshop is considered too expensive. The users have to pay around the US $ 10 dollars per month which quite expensive. It is such a burden to some people. Well, but you don’t have to worry, because there are others great photo editor besides Adobe Photoshop.

Photo Editor

Photo Editor

The Best and Cheap Photo Editor

  1. Inkscape

Inkscape is one of the best graphics editing applications that can be your choice when you don’t have enough money to continue to subscribe to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The format of this Inkscape application is Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG). This one application allows you to create objects as you wish by using drawings and shape tools, manipulating these objects, giving colors and strokes, installing text and of course rendering results as good as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and many more features that should be tried.

  1. Krita

In addition to the four popular alternatives above, the Krita photo editing application can also be an option for those of you who work or have interests as illustrators or such. Although the features offered by this application are not as many as other applications, the features offered will be very helpful for those who are just trying to do photo editing.

  1. GIMP

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation) is a photo editing application that is also comparable to Adobe Photoshop. In addition to its simple appearance, this app also offers a variety of interesting features that can be easily accessed such as photo enhancements and digital retouching and batch images online. In addition, for Linux users, GIMP provides learning features of the Perl programming language using the Gimp-Perl module and you can also automate work with GIMP Python.

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