Simple Women’s Hair Style You Can Try Easily

Want to have a cool hairstyle do not have to go to the salon because with the following tutorial, you can also make your own stylish hairstyle super simple and fast.
For women, modeling hair is a natural thing to make a beautiful appearance.

Not just for formal occasions, for daily activities such as hangouts or to the office of hair also needs to be given a good model so that you always look fresh when on the move. However, what if you have a solid activity?

Actually to make your hair become more stylish does not require much time if you know a simple hairstyle. Just by using a comb, rubber, bobby pins, and hair spray, you can make your hair style you know. Well, so you can always look interesting, let’s see the steps!

Simple Hacks Female Hairstyles That You Can Try Easily

Simple Women's Hair Style You Can Try Easily

It did not take long to make it, ladies! This hair style can also make you to look attractive in everyday activities.

1. Modern Messy Bun

Modern hair style messy bun

This balerina hair style will make you look beautiful without a difficult effort.

Step 1

Make a tall ponytail, and wear an elastic bando to hold the front hair that is less tidy. Use 1 inch bando from front hairline. If your hair looks oily, you can use dry shampoo first from the roots.

Step 2

Wrap your hair loose on the rubber to form a small bun, and tighten it with a hairpin.

Step 3

Use a pencil or a pointed tip to comb the tufts of hair behind the headband to look taller and volume.

Double Pigtails

Unlike the usual ponytail, this ponytail looks bigger and more volume.

Step 1

Take the hair above the ear and make a tall ponytail. Let the hair part underneath decompose. Use a brush so that the top and sides of your hair are smooth and not bubbly.

Step 2

Take the unbroken hair, and make the ponytail under the first ponytail.

Step 3

Sasak hair on the ponytail top to look more volume. Then use a product like shine spray if necessary on both ponytails.

3. Twist and Pin

Here is a super simple hairstyle for you who want to appear with hair unravel.

Step 1

Take a little part of the hair on the right or left side of your hair, then untir behind. In order not to decompose, you can spray hairspray.

Step 2

Lock the untiran with bobby pins, but this time the shape of the bobby pin into the form of X so it also functions as an accessory.

4. Ikat Bangs

This one hairstyle is perfect for you who often hassles set the bangs.

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