Best Smartwatch Top Of The Range Huawei Watch Classic

Best Smartwatch Top Of The Range Huawei Watch Classic

Huawei Watch Classic is a great combination of elegance and quality construction. Its case is made entirely of stainless steel, while the glass is made of sapphire crystals. The aesthetic effect is truly luxurious and the materials are very robust. The display has a diagonal of 1.4 inches, the screen displays with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels and has AMOLED technology which guarantees the lowest energy consumption. In the software sector we have Android Wear watch with some really beautiful faces and in most of the app useful for physical activity. The battery has a capacity of 300 mAh and any use always comes at the end of the day. The device will soon be available in two versions for women clad in gold and with Swarovski crystals Elegant and Jewel.

Best smartwatch top of the range Apple Watch

Apple Watch (I will propose in this guide in the Sport version) has the great advantage of having the Watch OS operating system. This results in third-party applications available which are very fast, and in a great stability and fluidity teknorus. Then it also shows a very good friend for those who practice physical activity, as it is equipped with many features to monitor it better. The build quality is top-notch, with an aluminum case series 7000 (just like the iPhone 6s) and a ionx glass. The straps are interchangeable and come in many different varieties. The display has the OLED technology and displays images at a resolution of 340 x 272 pixels. It ‘s also the Force Touch that allows the display to recognize the amount of pressure exerted by the touch, unlocking new quick options in the interface. Another advantage is an internal memory of 8 GB. The battery life can be up to 48 hours if you use it moderately.

Best smartwatch top of the range Samsung S2 Gear

Samsung Gear S2 is for many the best smartwatch, and has the Tizen operating system. Its design is very compact and weighs practically nothing. In addition there is the IP68 certification that makes it dustproof and waterproof. Quality of the Super AMOLED display from 1.2-inch diagonal and a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, which presents an excellent visibility thanks to high brightness. Hardware has a processor Exynos 3250, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.

Calibrating The Monitor The Colorimeter

Calibrating The Monitor The Colorimeter

When we take a picture we spend a lot of time to fix the settings of the camera in order to get the best shot possible. Yet, when we transfer our work on your home computer, we do not mind how the latter displays the captured image.

I am referring, in short, the lack of monitor calibration of most devices available in our homes.
Calibrate a monitor is particularly important and requires a lot of time, especially if we need professional but want to limit ourselves to get a good color fidelity.

The calibration of a monitor can be through the use of a software program (often free) or through the use of an external tool (expensive) solution definitely more professional and even more rapid.
As for the software in circulation game ppsspp, it must be said that the latter are directly related to the visual perception of who, in the end, performs calibration. In short, if you are color blind color blind you risk making even your monitor!

A first software solution, to be installed on your computer, is that offered by Calibrize from EIZO MonitorTest or Adobe Gamma. These three programs (like many others) guide the user through a series of comparisons in order to obtain the best possible choice. Obviously comparisons are of a subjective and related to conditions of different brightness, reflections or even the mood of the photographer himself.
All calibration software, the end of the process, generating an ICC files (with the calibration parameters) to be given “at the mercy” to the video card (all video cards allow you to load a custom color configuration).

For all those who do need to calibrate your monitor in a professional manner, the advice is to buy a very specific hardware, the colorimeter. This tool, coupled with a software provided by the manufacturer itself, establish an objective monitor calibration (ICC file that before) that will allow you to view the photographs taken just like you have taken. Its operation is trivial: you load the software, start it and it supports the external device to the monitor. At that point the device will read the video images created by the software part of the package, defining the necessary corrections (in the file ICC) in order to obtain the best response possible visual.
As regards colorimeters, there are different types on the market and the two houses most famous are the X-RITE and Datacolor.
The first sells three models of colorimeter: i1Basic Pro 2, i1Display Pro and ColorMunki diplay. The three models differ obviously by price and features: the two top models, the 1iDisplayPro and ColorMunki Display priced at € 130 and € 200.

11 Simple Solutions For A Stylish Bedroom

11 Simple Solutions For A Stylish Bedroom

Today the modern style is increasingly popular, both because of its simplicity attracts a large number of people is because it can be easily combined with other styles inserting classic elements or elements of industrial trend. So homify want to show you 11 simple selected solutions for you that are thinking about revisiting your room, so your most intimate space can become a place where in addition to rest at night you can breathe a ‘pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Room with neutral colors

The choice of colors to decorate a bedroom, including furniture, is not an easy task, but we can play it safe by applying neutral colors, which are the least aggressive and brilliant. In this picture the color that has been chosen for the bedspread is a light pink, while we have a small blanket and a light gray carpet that blend perfectly with the dominant white, creating an environment that inspires relaxation.Especially in the modern bathrooms, where the whiteness of floors and walls helps to enhance the design of health services and design solutions. The idea to copy approach the total white small unfinished wooden details – as we see in this proposal – to create an evocative atmosphere of Scandinavian-inspired.

Room in three modules

If you have a room large enough to be read as in this case, you can create different spaces. Here a bathroom over the wooden partition is created, while behind the headboard is designed a ‘dressing area; and on the back of the great covered in black slider it was left a corridor that allows easy access to all the ‘wall unit positioned on the bottom. The same system can be used to create a large dressing room. Ultimately they removed the swing doors and sliding elements have been incorporated much less perceptible.

A touch of color

If we want to renovate the bathroom without spending a fortune, we could make a cue from this architect’s proposal. FERRARA MARIO and paint an entire wall with a bright color such as yellow or orange. We will get that with a few simple steps a young and modern bathroom, perfect for the home of a young family.

sophisticated materials

If we are looking for really special idea for our modern bathroom, we might consider the idea to focus on sophisticated materials. Such as the fake stone walls, proposed here by RAPPA STUDIO CASTIGLIONI. The result will leave literally stunned us and our guests!

Expo Milano 2015, 10 Things You Must Do

Expo Milano 2015, 10 Things You Must Do

If you go to Milan Expo 2015, here are the 10 things you must do. Assuming that it is virtually impossible to visit and appreciate everything that Expo 2015 provides for the view, the palate and the senses, there are at least ten things between pavilions and attractions that should not get lost. We see the most beautiful attractions of Expo 2015.

Once inside at Expo 2015 at the fairgrounds of Fiera Milano Rho, which must have clear ideas about what to do. What interests you most visit Do you want to see everything and you have children on board Or you are attracted by the sensory experiences best time to visit mexico, from multimedia or ethnic foods

At Expo 2015 there is everything.

We see the attractions that it is better not to get lost!

Attraction n. 1 The Pavilion Zero
Definitely impossible not to visit it because it is also the entrance of the Fair Ground, Zero Pavilion is dedicated to the history of humanity, with interactive tools and inventions inside.

Attraction n. 2 Children Park
Besides being a huge playground that will appeal to your children, the Children Park has an educational purpose and green. The children will know and come into contact with the themes of water conservation, irrigation and energy produced by the movement, playing with water in a fun and educational.

Attraction n. 3 Expo by Night
Go to Expo of coastline evening only € 5. Apart from that, the evening light show in this place that has few global competitors as to stratospheric architecture and design, is really fabulous. It seems to be in a place of the future made of hundreds of things to try and see.

Attraction n. 4 The Street Food
About dishes to try, the Netherlands Pavilion has a large area dedicated to street Dutch food. it seems that we should necessarily try.

Attraction n. 5 The wine pavilion
And we are in Italy, where they will find many things to see. But what precisely it can not miss the Wine Pavilion with its hundreds of attractions and guided tours in the grape world and its more good product wine.

Attraction n. 6 Architecture
As for the design, of course there is plenty of choice but there is some pavilion that has surprised more than others and that once released, remain in your heart. It seems to be among all the Chinese pavilion, but also that of Malaysia and the Pavilion Vanke.

DIY Trip To The Maldives The Island of Paradise

DIY Trip To The Maldives The Island of Paradise

After a long flight with a stopover in Moscow, and an equally long speedboat ride on a dark blue and not particularly flat sea, we finally arrive at our destination, the island of Bodufolhudhoo, Maldives. We are completely cooked for the trip, and the only solution is to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, after a nice breakfast, my wife and I are in great shape again, ready for a new adventure in the Maldives; taken fins, mask and the mandatory sunscreens, we head to the island’s Bikini Beach.

It is a show classic coral sand, clear and fresh to the touch, to act as a counter to a sea that is tinged with a thousand shades of color travelhoundsusa. In a word, exceptional.

People on the beach us two. Perfect. After the inevitable photos I remember, I take mask and fins and I venture beyond the lagoon, along the reef wall. The barrier, despite some problems given by Nino a few years ago, is in excellent condition the coral takes different shapes and colors and is very rich in life.

If you try to close and then reopen your eyes, you find yourself in a fairy world, full of fish in an incredible way, that swims over colorful coral structures that follow each other differently, continuously hosting different species, at least a hundred.

Wonderful. And, of course, the image is never static, but a succession of life that crosses, touches, as in the traffic of a mega three-dimensional city. Among the corals are numerous tridacne, large bivalve shells that close to the passage of small prey, retaining and devouring them; nor can the classic anemones with clown fishes live in symbiosis with them, the famous Nemo.

After seeing a bunch of needlefish on the water, and having played with big carangidae, I see two large groupers pass on my left, a barracuda on the right and in the middle first one, then two, then three white tip sharks, also their typical inhabitants of a healthy barrier. Let’s start well.

All happy, I get out of the water and my wife shows me a strange dark spot, very close to the shore, which stretches and shortens we get curious, and … surprise! It is a pack of sardines compacted by 3 shark fins, about fifty centimeters long, swimming around them and then, greedy and hungry, they throw themselves in the middle. Fantastic.

A Small House Fitted With Love

A Small House Fitted With Love

Every now and then there is a need to change style, and that’s all for clothing, hair and, yes, for the home. The newly purchased furniture, as well as the colors on the walls, are beautiful for a while, but then the habit and then the boredom and feel the need to change style, at times it is a little touch, other times a Radical change. In these cases there is no need to necessarily resort to the architect, to carry heavy work, to move walls or to work on the works. Sometimes just a little chromatic attention, a modification to the furnishings and the choice of the right accessories are enough. This is where our home-styled home-styled figure stays in our rescue, which is just about to look back on the interior, both in terms of investment – sale or rental – and to improve everyday life. Today we will see the work of the CASE study.

The terrace

Already from this outer space you can feel the relaxed but at the same time sought after that there is green in this house, the pillows, the many details are all elements that contribute to creating a unique, relaxing but elegant atmosphere.

Colors are an essential element in defining a space and there is certainly no lack of space here. Using brightly colored accessories is a great idea when you decorate a terrace, it’s a way to make the space rich in energy. The idea of ??lanterns is great, perfectly in line with the context and even with the style we will find inside.


The bedroom features a romantic and dreamy atmosphere, thanks to elements such as the wrought iron bed frame, its curved design, vintage lamp and flower pot. The final touch gives him the tent, which completes the bed in a really delicate and poetic way.

The kitchen

The kitchen is a triumph of tradition, reminiscent of the grandmother’s kitchen, with a curtain closure, with striped fabric. Even the plate is gorgeous, in full retro style.

In the dining room there is a lot of sophistication, both at the chromatic level – the particular nuance chosen for the walls is really special – that for the elements used for the furniture the antique dining table in solid wood was matched to a service Of green, very decorated and vintage glasses.

The livingroom

In this stay you can not relax the pastel colors, the numerous cushions and the pouf are a real invitation to relax. The choice of fabrics is absolutely perfect, to note the blanket, with that refined decor, and the pink pillows, with lace decoration, absolutely delicious!