On The Day Of The IPhone 6S, Apple TV And iPad Pro Follow The Live Presentation

On The Day Of The IPhone 6S, Apple TV And iPad Pro Follow The Live Presentation

And ‘arrived, the day of the iPhone 6s (6s and Plus). The latest creation of Cupertino is about to be presented to the whole world on the stage of the Big Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco at 19 (Italian time) we will know how the smartphone’s most famous moment, however, that will not change appreciably compared to predecessor iPhone 6 although there are some variations.

In fact, the Apple event might hold other important news of importance, starting with the revamped Apple TV to wink to video games and a big iPad Pro high performance https://teknorus.com/ini-daftar-harga-iphone-di-indonesia-hingga-2016. We start from as follow the live online presentation, recalling that the vernissage will be seen only on Apple devices.
How to follow the direct

If you have a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad you will see the presentation of the iPhone 6s, or ‘flesh’: to smartphones Android or Windows PC will not support the live broadcast of the event Apple. That said, this will be visible on the Apple page dedicated to the event. You can also watch the presentations of past years, including contributions from Apple at WWDC in early summer and the presentation for the launch of the 6:06 Plus last September.
What do we know of the iPhone 6s

12MP camera, video recording at 4K and front camera capable of recording 1080p video at 60fps, including the slow motion mode and flash: the most important news of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are probably in the photographic industry and technology Force Touch, which allows perform various actions on the touch screen according to the pressure and the movement of the finger touch.

Said confirmation of the extent of the display (4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively), there is talk of introducing a new processor family A9 (made by Samsung), and 2 GB of RAM for the first time in the history of a Melafonino.

iPhone 6S will have smaller batteries, with a drive from 1.715mAh, and the default colors will be added to the ‘pink gold’.

Apple TV and iPad Pro

Now to the other protagonists of the event Apple, starting with the new TV that should occupy most of the presentation: Apple TV will be able to be controlled with the Syrians and with gestures, opening to video games, with a system of universal search. Other voices speak instead of launching a TV service streamed owner modeled on Netflix.

The Right Communication For Effective Leadership

The Right Communication For Effective Leadership

Leadership is a strategic asset for the future of the organizations but to exercise effectively this role it is essential to follow a proper approach. Effective leadership, in fact, manages behaviors, not people; its approach towards them consistent with the vision of the company and is not self-centered, or does not use herself as a yardstick and judgment of others.

If the intangible generates value and gives tangible meaning to content, the dress, which is the prevailing organizational model, is not neutral on the effectiveness of leadership. In organizations more innovative and advanced prevails hashtagoption, generally, a model of human capital management connotation so as to empower their employees, so that they themselves take action to improve processes (within the limits of their powers), rewarding their initiative. The model, in fact, focuses on people as the “capital” of the organization, and the group as a growth opportunity. For this reason, therefore, organizations that adopt this model, the emphasis is on the diagnosis, rather than the decision; to the process to arrive at a solution, which is not the solution in itself; the standard average success repeatable, rather than at the peak of success unrepeatable; analysis of the error; to value differences, rather than blaming the error; to value differences, rather than eliminate them.

Give importance to an organizational environment conducive to leadership, in fact, it means to adopt, for employees, the principles of responsibility.

Empowering people means letting their discretion consistent with the statutory responsibility; powers and duties contingent, although the head continues to account for results; give emphasis to the results of the first team, then those individual; first check the results, verifying the actions and behavior only in the case of failure, problems or issues; recognize the merits and leave to employees.

The process of leadership development consists, in large part, of tacit aspects, qualitative and discretionary. In fact, most of the issues related to the implementation of the steps, which allow you to create a vision and manage leadership situations, escape our conscious awareness and come in the form of “inspiration.”

In this regard, therefore, it can be very important to have tools and strategies for encouraging and directing, or actually use the same moods, learning to manage our mental attitudes.

In this sense, effective performance of leadership is similar to other types of performance as it could be that of a sports competition. Every aspiring leader, therefore, must also consider those aspects purely physiological that can help you access to unconscious processes to integrate them.

9 Tips To Get A Lot Of Space In Your Home!

9 Tips To Get A Lot Of Space In Your Home!

As mentioned in some other books of ideas, spaces in a house are important, from the functional areas to those that guarantee privacy to each member of the house. If the house is not very big, it does not matter, so long as it is warm and personalized. To enlarge it, both visually and perceptually, there are therefore more and more pre-established practical solutions or to implement, simple and effective, to make it even more comfortable size.

Here are some ideas to make the house even bigger and more spacious.

Use the space under the stairs

The space under the scale, in general, is not used or in some cases, used as a place of storage and archive in which reigns the confusion of objects and documents. A more useful that will result in terms of comfort, then it might be to rely on the seats or a bench. The rest is left to the ingenuity of each!

The bathroom

This is the first shared bathroom of the two bedrooms. A large room and bright, with light-colored and cream tones, with a large window that opens onto the street. Why this choice Well, to create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and, therefore, optimize both the input and the reflection of light.


This photo shows one of the bedrooms on the first floor, with its smooth walls, the frame clear and oak parquet. An environment where you can unleash your imagination!


We got the penthouse. Here we have the suite, which has its own bathroom, which is accessed through large windows to the terrace. It ‘been preserved old wooden ceiling which has been treated with specific products, and now brings warmth to this place.

The bathroom of the suite

Let’s zoom in the bathroom of the suite. It seems that this room has been designed as the bathroom of a hotel room. It is a glass cube, placed in the bedroom and fully transparent; The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by sliding glass doors and oak wood. What a beauty!

Finally … the balcony!

At last the time has come to show the jewel of the house the terrace, which is accessed from the master bedroom. The floor is covered with wooden planks that blend perfectly with the earthy color of the walls of the house and the neighborhood in general. Also, it has enough space to be decorated with various outdoor planters and furniture.

From The Evolution Of The Web To Cause ‘Time Flies When Graphics And’ Simple And Explanatory

From The Evolution Of The Web To Cause ‘Time Flies When Graphics And’ Simple And Explanatory

What it does, a website, something that strikes us particularly, so much to share with other people, as to forget it after time, to take it as a reference in the field of visual communication and not?

The content, of course, but also the graphics with which it was created, which sometimes is a strength far from obvious.

If we step back in history and in the evolution of the art graphics, all that we have today for creating professional websites (both in terms of content, but also from the aesthetic point of view) it is the result of progress level language html smilesmultimedia, design, styles change year after year and change the way we design web pages.

Template, scrolling, infographics, mouseover effects, flash animations, illustrations flat, parallax effects are just some of the features that make a website dynamic and pleasant to use.

It goes without saying that in the immense structure of the Internet there are thousands of sites by impeccable graphics and responsive, allowing the user to “live” (virtually) experience that, without exaggeration, we can venture to define unique.

Leaving aside the endless lists with the most beautiful sites of the month, or year of life, we have selected the four that, lately, we have affected more:

1- Four hundred years Matan Stauber

This Interactive Designer of Tel Aviv has already won a lot ‘of awards and, looking at the sites it creates, not difficult to understand why. The last is Four Hundred Years, an interactive timeline that allows travel between the major events that occurred in the world, from the Big Bang to the present.

Literature, music, construction, political unrest, women’s rights, inventions, disasters, discoveries, thousands of dots for each topic lead to discovering something new, or to remember something we already knew. Interesting and utility infinite, since the events are self-updating thanks to Wikipedia information.

2- Why Time Flies Maximilian Kiener

More than a site that impresses with graphics (clean, basic) is an interesting webpage for what he says. How we perceive the passage of time in three years, 12, 80?

Everything changes, of course, and what we understand in the scroll of this site (and what is explained very well) is that “wait for Christmas for 24 days, for a five year old, is like waiting for a year for a man 54 “.

Different perceptions of each passing minute, but one thing is certain: time flies, and thanks to designer Maximilian understand why.

10 Fantastic Examples of Modern Homes to Be Inspired

10 Fantastic Examples of Modern Homes to Be Inspired

A modern house must have a combination of various elements first of all a basic and functional decor, simple and expressive decorations, and finally unusual and intriguing colors. Of course, other features also depend on personal taste and personal needs. To guide you in the selection we have selected 10 images from which to draw inspiration.

Soft and pleasing colors

The soft, pleasing colors of the walls and furniture contribute to a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere.

Luxurious modernity

Luxury is manifested in discretion in this vast space solasbars, where the light colors of the walls perfectly harmonize with dark furnishings and wooden flooring. The environment is comfortable and relaxing.

Contrast is the protagonist

White is a constant in modern furnishings because it allows to brighten and amplify space. However, the total white can be monotonous, so it is good to integrate some contrasting elements that move and personalize the environment and become the protagonist, just like the island in this kitchen.

Wide to originality

To prevent a linear and essential environment, however spacious and bright, becomes cold and anonymous, we can insert some detail that lively and allow us to express our personality. Just a few details an unusual curtain, unusual and decorative arrangement of plants or some colorful object that brings joy.

Mix the styles

It is not necessary to strictly conform to a precise style. We must feel free to mix different influences and inspirations because this allows us to express our personality and to feel comfortable at home.

Character issue

Not everyone has the chance to live in a large apartment but in any case, the important thing is that the space is functional, comfortable and welcoming. Even a mansard can buy luxury and elegance if furnished in the right and personalized way with details and colors that represent us, as in this case the carpet, pillows and the bottom wall.

Timeless matches

If you are undecided about colors to use remember that white, red and black are a foolproof combination. It is important to distribute them in a balanced way to enhance the brightness of the environment.

Tradition and modernity

If you do not feel like daring unusual colors, perhaps for fear of boredom, you can choose the neutral and warm tones of wood and brown for a modern and functional décor like this proposed by NICARCH.

Eclectic and multi-faceted combinations

A successful mix of genres, ages and colors can be the right strategy for having a modern and versatile home.

8 Carcinogens That We Can Have At Home Without Realizing

8 Carcinogens That We Can Have At Home Without Realizing

The watchword for a home livable and beautiful is undoubtedly cleaning. However we must be careful because sometimes, behind the desire of cleaning in the home, you hide some risks. Several cleaning products that we use regularly, in fact, may contain potentially hazardous substances for our health as carcinogenic. Substances such as formaldehyde, nitrobenzene, methylene chloride, naphthalene, are often present in products for the cleaning and excessive contact can undermine our health. Without forgetting, then, the products that can cause asthma or allergies and even problems in the liver, kidneys, brain and reproductive system.

Fortunately in the market there are also many products free of substances at risk, the best advice is therefore to observe well the label of what we buy not only when it comes to food products, but also detergents and cleaning products in general

Below we are analyzed eight major aspects – beyond the simple detergents – it would be better to watch when it comes to health and safety in the home.

– Deodorants for the environment – can contain naphthalene and formaldehyde. Better to replace it with something that contains zeolite or natural fragrances from essential oils.

– Products for art – If you have a hobby of art (painting, sculpture, DIY …), eye epoxy adhesive and sealants, acrylic paints and solvents, permanent markers often contain carcinogens.

– Candles – Avoid those paraffin flavored artificially produce hazardous substances (including soot). Much safer to use only candles from beeswax with cotton wick.

– Shampoo and cleaners for carpets and rugs – Try only those that have natural ingredients.

– Clothes dry-cleaned – Prefer clothes that do not need to be cleaned perchlorethylene always better to wash with water, that one dry; possibly, try dry cleaning that use carbon dioxide or liquid detergents based on citrus juice.

Flea, ticks and lice – Avoid insecticides lindane.

– Paints and Varnishes – Sensitive products low in volatile organic compounds (VOC), even better than those who have none.

– Microwave – Best not to cook or heat food in plastic containers, even if they are those designed specifically to finish in the microwave. Prefer ceramic or earthenware containers.

In Italy – Coldiretti – because waste from farm to table food is lost for more than ten million tons and is expected to end up in the bin about 25% of that purchased by households. In addition to a loss of resources that it is a behavior that contributes significantly to the problem of waste produced in Italy that are of an average of 541 pounds per person per year for a total of 32.5 million tons, of which well almost a third are organic.