GDP, Closing Up 0.8% in 2015

GDP, Closing Up 0.8% in 2015

The gross domestic product will grow ‘by 0.8% this year to rise to 1.5% in 2016 and 1.6% the following year: These forecasts ABI in the “Forecast report Afo 2015- 2017 “. “The three consecutive quarters of growth and a set of economic indicators, including those related to the confidence of households and firms – the report said – show that the Italian economy and ‘out of the path and receptive and’ started on a path clear recovery. ” On this basis, the study confirms “the framework of expansion outlined in July, a framework in which, however, because of the downward risks to which they have now made manifest, and they all have an external source (emerging countries, international terrorism, difficulty ‘ in the European automotive sector), they can join now odds’ of implementation less high then. ”

And on this basis ABI argues that “growth, held back this year (+ 0.8%) from the heavy legacy ‘of the past jasa konsultan pajak jakarta, should manifest itself fully in 2016 (+ 1.5%) and further consolidation in 2017 (+ 1.6%). The positive feature of this framework – emphasizes the study – and ‘that contrary to the expectations of the most’, recovery and ‘strongly held back by domestic demand and household consumption, in particular a relative’ surprise ‘that obviously it must be taken into account when considering an economic policy which in the recent past has deliberately focused on fiscal measures that stimulate and expand private spending. ”

Raise, 2015 closed at 0.8%, well foreign demand – the 2015 will close ‘with a GDP growth of 0.8%, but there are signs “positive” in terms of foreign demand. It ‘as said the president of Istat, George Breed, on the sidelines of a conference on the Digital Divide. “We expected a few weeks ago – explained Raise reporters – that even in the fourth quarter there will be ‘a growing economy, by 0.2%. So we expect, at the time, based on current information, closure in 2015 in the order of 0.8%, we have no statistical data to change the weather. ” When asked whether there are signs of improvement for the latter part of the year, the president of Istat said, “we have not yet elements to evaluate signals, we have new statistics if not given a rather positive on the demand side foreign “. As to the risks linked to the international situation, he Raise noted: “Foreign trade has geographical risks with a reduced pressure of some countries such as China and Russia. However, the thrust remains positive. Foreign trade is one of the risks that could also be positive. “

Now Europe Wants To Tax Even The Air Conditioning

Now Europe Wants To Tax Even The Air Conditioning

The use of fluorinated gases that are particularly harmful to the environment, will soon be put out of business, with respect to those who, in these days of summer heat, it makes extensive use directly taking to throttle the air conditioner.

This was decided by the Committee on the Environment and Health of the European Parliament konsultan pajak jakarta, approving with 49 votes in favor, 16 against and no abstentions a bill is presented a thirty-seven Dutch Green MEP, Bas Eickhout.

“It is a rather controversial text – she says with veiled concern the Hon. Tiziano Motti (pictured), deputy cheese elected to Parliament in the ranks of the European People’s Party and a permanent member of the Committee on the Single Market and Consumer Protection – The risk in these cases is that the noble goals of environmental protection them pay at the end always consumers and their families, who already struggle to make ends meet. ”

The harmonization of standards, testing and production criteria prepared by the “European Committee for Standardization” sometimes requires substantial investment for our companies, already strained by the crisis.

According to the new EU proposal, the overall use of hydro-fluorocarbons, gas co-responsible for the ozone hole, should be reduced by 84% by 2030, while air conditioners and refrigerators of the new generation will have to do without starting between 2015 and 2020. To avoid the ban decided by the EU is circumvented through imports, the Committee on the Environment has also strengthened legislation proposing a ban appropriate import from non-EU countries.

Motti also recalled the general principle polluter pays established after the sinking of the tanker Erika in Britain in December 1999 where 15,000 tons of crude oil were spilled into the sea with huge environmental damage on the French and Spanish coasts. And since those who use the air conditioner, or even the refrigerator, polluter, Parliament has given the green light to the application of a surcharge that can reach a maximum of 10 euro per tonne of CO2 produced by hydro-fluorocarbons. The “penalty” will be applied to the producers.

“The hope is that this rule constitutes a real incentive to innovate and recycle in all regions of Europe, rather than passed on to consumers in terms of price increase – added the Hon. Motti – We Members belonging to the Commission for Consumer Protection still keep under strict control the development of the application of this legislation. Refrigerators and air conditioning are like phones: all use it, for the convenience that represent, knowing that their use, in some way, create a long-term damage to things or people, but as the EU has recently cut drastically prices of mobile communications, I expect that you will do the same offering of eco-incentives to those who intend to switch to more sustainable refrigeration solutions. “

How Expensive the House Expands

How Expensive the House Expands

Who decides to expand their home with new environments faces an infinity of important choices concerning the design of new environments, until they are realized. The costs of house enlargement are a primary and inevitable aspect, to be considered with extreme caution. As we will see in this Book of Ideas, addressing reliable professionals is of paramount importance. Starting from architects, who must not only manage the design and implementation of projects, but also help those who want to create a project to expand their home from a cost perspective, obtaining the best possible relationship between the quality of the Project and saving possible.

Simple ground floor expansion

Enlarging a home today costs between 1000 and 2000 euros per square meter. Of course, this depends on the location of your home, its location in a city or a rural area in an urban context, especially in a big city, costs will be higher. By averaging, you can assume that the costs of a 4×5 square meter expansion will fluctuate between 20 and 40,000 euros, which will then add additional costs to architects, municipal taxes, licenses, property registers and VAT. Once again, it is important to emphasize how important it is to consult professionals to determine the actual costs for enlargement that are appropriate for your area of ??residence.

The extension of the second floor

A similar calculation can be extended to extensions that extend to higher floors. Of course, the calculation of costs will also have to be adjusted to the extent necessary to make the structure adjustments and necessary permissions necessary.

Expanding the kitchen or bathroom

If the extension of the house includes a new kitchen or bathroom, the additional costs will increase because it will be necessary to dispose of the spaces according to the water and electricity connections. Depending on the choice of furniture and space dimensions, then the costs may also vary considerably. We can expect a bathroom cost between 4 and 6,000 euros, of 8,000-10,000 euros for the average kitchen.

Beware of the details

Savings are certainly one of the things to consider when requesting a home improvement budget. But the details are also important, and should be considered and weighed in advance to find a synthesis between your desires, architectural needs and costs. A wall like the one we see, for example, could increase the costs of house enlargement.

The Pentaprism And Pentamirror

The Pentaprism And Pentamirror

We have seen how one of the characteristics of the SLR cameras is the presence of an optical viewfinder, or the ability to observe the scene through the lens and then get a view of all identical to what will be captured by the camera sensor when shooting image. In order to allow the optical viewfinder, positioned high above the lens axis, to observe the scene, SLR cameras are equipped with two “structures” designed to re-direct the light: the mirror placed in front of the sensor ( on the axis of the lens) and the pentaprism.

A pentaprism is a five-sided reflecting prism used in the optical viewfinders of the cameras, in particular the SLR akusewa. It is an object made with the purpose to deflect a beam of light with a constant 90 °, even if the incoming beam is not perfectly at 90 ° relative to the prism. The light beam is reflected two times inside the prism: the second reflection serves to flip the image in turn inverted by the first reflection. This way we can observe, through the optical viewfinder, the image “straight” and not reversed, what would happen if instead of a pentaprism had a normal mirror.

To obtain the two reflections, only two faces of the prism are machined to mirror while the other three are coated with a non-reflective material to reduce spurious reflections.
The pentaprism, however, is not unique but is flanked by a slightly different version, called pentamirror.

The main difference is that the pentaprism is a single, solid piece of glass. It is consequently relatively heavy. This piece of glass has all reflective surfaces with the exception of two sides, namely the input and the output of the light (reflected by the mirrors placed on the other sides). The reflections inside the prism are only two: this in order to minimize the loss of light due precisely to the reflections.

a pentamirror is, visually, very similar to a pentaprism but it is not a single block of glass but it is different mirrors joined together to form a pentagon. The difference is that then the prism is filled with glass while the pentamirror is full of air. This allows the pentamirror to be much lighter but also much cheaper. The disadvantage is that the reflections you are always two but there are also two interactions glass / air which results in a greater loss of light compared to the pentaprism.

Photographic Composition – Shadows, Lights and Silhouettes

Photographic Composition – Shadows, Lights and Silhouettes

Light and shadow are two concepts that are hard to distinguish, at least in real life. We are used to searching and finding shadows in any situation where there is a light you would imagine, on a sunny day, in the Plaza of Spain, to turn around and not see your projection on the ground, that shadow that accompanies you When were you born

If in nature the shadow is something ubiquitous, the same can not be said of photography in some particular contexts the shadow can be deleted, eliminated. Or, on the contrary, exalted, emphasized.

But a shadowy picture is a flat picture, it’s a snap shot. Take a look at the photos available in the online stores all the photos of the products are made with the still life technique, fine photos of themselves, great for presenting the product … but then stop.

The shadows are often manipulated and arranged in a wise manner by the photographer to give his shot a particular meaning, in order to communicate a particular feeling to the observer. Manipulation that, as we will see in another article, is also carried out using a large number of illuminators and flashers being able to direct or change the size of a shadow means to make a difference. Using shadows adds reality to a click, at the limit of dramatic. Shadows can create a sense of quiet as opposed to suffering and sadness it is for the photographer to be able to play and know how to give them the meaning that is closer to what he wants to communicate to his observers.

Obviously, shadow in photography does not just mean darkness, but also small differences in tones between different areas. An example of this is given by the lack of vignetting, or those shadows that, due to various reasons (referring to the relative article) may appear along the edges of the photograph. Vignetting is something that always tends to eliminate, so much so that a lot of digital SLRs have preloaded correction programs … but why do you delete it Vignetting, in many cases, can help us focus the attention of the observer in the center of photography. Remember when I talked about the possibility of inserting hindrances in the photo to let the eye not wander around the scene but focus somewhere Here, vignetting is just one of these impediments. And vignetting is nothing more than a shadow.

Try to take a look at all the photos you have done so far how many of these is a shadow Probably in all. How many of these pictures are imaginable without those shadows How many of those photos would be distorted, private of their vitality

Let’s take a simple and explicative example. Let’s take this picture

An Apartment In Rome That Divides In Modern Spaces

An Apartment In Rome That Divides In Modern Spaces

This work of the architects NICARCH study concerns a property of the seventies, so with the classic corridor facility, traditional, in which the different environments have a clear division and connection spaces play a more important role. In modern distribution patterns, we tend to avoid as much as possible to dispel the space in distribution environments, also in the name of a different way to enjoy the living spaces. The lifestyle has changed, does not concentrate more on long cooking, so you want to put the kitchen in communication with the rest of the living area, so as to favor the company, even when preparing meals. Also in this apartment it was made a similar choice, for the young couple who came to live there.

The kitchen

The kitchen is totally open on the rest of the living area, thus allowing you to enjoy in the company of the time preparing meals. The presence of the Peninsula facilitates conviviality, providing a small space where you can sit and chat while sipping a spritz, in the company of those who are working hard in the kitchen. The furnishings are clear and clean lines, they have been eliminated even the handles, in favor of openings in the throat. Note the choices of lights In addition to the LEDs that illuminate the work area, there are the elegant suspension surmounting the breakfast bar.

Intimate and comfortable

The master bedroom is extremely welcoming, intimate and distinctive, and despite its small size offers all the convenience and comfort you need. E ‘it was even inserted a small desk! Also, to expand the space, it is resorted to two known tricks light colors are used, and two along the main walls mirrors were applied in order to give greater depth to the room.

modular furniture

The modular furniture in these cases are indispensable. The bedroom is in fact composed of two different elements, the bed and the desk, which places side by side furnishing the entire space without suffocating him. The pastel tones ultimately help to create a certain harmony and brightness. An important role, finally, it carries out a careful and precise lighting.

While on the balcony …

On the balcony, finally, we find a little surprise, a small barbecue with everything you need the grill, a sink and a support plan. To ensure sound dispersion of fumes Finally, a special hood has been inserted, all designed and made to measure!

It retrieves other space!

While on the other side there is a small table equipped with two chairs. In this way, the balcony is transformed into a functional, practical and charming, characterized by a modern, attractive styling, cool and casual. Do not believe