A Small House Fitted With Love

A Small House Fitted With Love

Every now and then there is a need to change style, and that’s all for clothing, hair and, yes, for the home. The newly purchased furniture, as well as the colors on the walls, are beautiful for a while, but then the habit and then the boredom and feel the need to change style, at times it is a little touch, other times a Radical change. In these cases there is no need to necessarily resort to the architect, to carry heavy work, to move walls or to work on the works. Sometimes just a little chromatic attention, a modification to the furnishings and the choice of the right accessories are enough. This is where our home-styled home-styled figure stays in our rescue, which is just about to look back on the interior, both in terms of investment – sale or rental – and to improve everyday life. Today we will see the work of the CASE study.

The terrace

Already from this outer space you can feel the relaxed but at the same time sought after that there is green in this house, the pillows, the many details are all elements that contribute to creating a unique, relaxing but elegant atmosphere.

Colors are an essential element in defining a space and there is certainly no lack of space here. Using brightly colored accessories is a great idea when you decorate a terrace, it’s a way to make the space rich in energy. The idea of ??lanterns is great, perfectly in line with the context and even with the style we will find inside.


The bedroom features a romantic and dreamy atmosphere, thanks to elements such as the wrought iron bed frame, its curved design, vintage lamp and flower pot. The final touch gives him the tent, which completes the bed in a really delicate and poetic way.

The kitchen

The kitchen is a triumph of tradition, reminiscent of the grandmother’s kitchen, with a curtain closure, with striped fabric. Even the plate is gorgeous, in full retro style.

In the dining room there is a lot of sophistication, both at the chromatic level – the particular nuance chosen for the walls is really special – that for the elements used for the furniture the antique dining table in solid wood was matched to a service Of green, very decorated and vintage glasses.

The livingroom

In this stay you can not relax the pastel colors, the numerous cushions and the pouf are a real invitation to relax. The choice of fabrics is absolutely perfect, to note the blanket, with that refined decor, and the pink pillows, with lace decoration, absolutely delicious!