A Small Apartment Simply Delicious!

A Small Apartment Simply Delicious!

Today we will visit a home that stands out from the others for the originality and freshness of style. Every environment is strongly characterized and what strikes most, surely, is the choice of colors. Fine nuance make the spaces very elegant. Interior designers have therefore focused mainly on colors and textures, choosing very special fabrics and accessories. The most beautiful environment The livingroom! See for yourself!

The kitchen

The kitchen is quite modern, but with traditional details, such as moldings on the doors. We do not find net geometries and total essentiality jual rumput sintetis, but an actual and well-balanced look. The turtle background from the white furnishings gives an elegant and contemporary tone.

From another point of view

The kitchen is quite large, the preparation area is U and there is ample freedom of movement. Very nice parquet!

Lunch for two

Given the abundant space, there is a small space for two in the kitchen, a delightful corner where you can have breakfast or lunch, always in the best of elegance and wrapped in color.

A pleasure for the eyes

A positive impression of this house can be drawn from the living room, a space just perfect, elegant, welcoming and bright colors, but very well calibrated. There is a pleasant game of intense textures and colors, we see a nice turquoise, pale by an ancient pink rose. And the piano A real touch of class!

The study corner

Any smaller space needs to be exploited! In this house, even if you have the feeling of extreme comfort, not even one square centimeter has been wasted. Here is an example the veranda was designed for a small studio. An adorable little environment where you can retire to read or work on your computer, in total tranquility.

Golden tints

The bedroom focuses on letting it open and it succeeds, with its elegant textures. The head of the mattle bed, the fabrics … everything is very rich! The tones are warm, yellow represents the unifying element, between walls, fabrics and complements. Nice combination of the chandelier and the two abat jours of the same shape, in total harmony.

The bathroom

The bathroom attached to the master bedroom has the same refined and elegant atmosphere the dark marble washbasin floor is absolutely gorgeous. Each element contributes to creating style delicate moldings and knobs of drawers, retro appliqués, wall decorations … a truly unique space!