6 Secret Facts That You Dont Event Know

Who loves to keep a cat? Hemm, this adorable animal is a lot to like. Apparently Loopers, animals named latin Felis Catus has many facts that many people do not know you know. Want to know what facts the cat has? Check out this one yes, Loopers!

6 Secret Facts That You Dont Event Know

  • Can feel the earthquake

Do you know if cats can detect earthquakes better than other animals? Most cats will behave strangely before an earthquake occurs in the area around the cat. The lower part of the cat’s foot that resembles a small bearing has a very sensitive nerve that is able to detect an earthquake tremor.


  • Able to manipulate

Ever felt if your cat is like begging for food? That’s emer, Loopers. Apparently, the cat can quickly adapt to humans. It makes him understand if humans love him or not. That way, cats will be able to easily set their vocals to create a pitiful sound when they are asking for food or seeking attention from humans. You ever been deceived?


  • Likes to be praised and caressed

Praising is more reliable in training a cat than punishing it. Cats will be more obedient to humans if he is given praise and elusan. Cats do not even understand at all if punished. They tend to remember more with praise and compassion than punishment.


  • Hate the smell of oranges and lemons

Who would have thought the cat hates fresh aromas such as oranges and lemons. Cats even dodge if there is such a smell appearing on their litter box. In addition, cats also hate perfume.


  • Nicknames vary by country

Who would have thought the cat has many different nicknames in different countries. In Indonesia, the sound of cats is often written with the word “Meong”. In America, the sound of cats is often written with “Meow”. In the English country, the sound of a cat is written “Miaow”. In Japanese, it is often written with the word “Nya”.


The richest cat
Apparently there is the richest cat in the world you know, Loopers. In fact, this cat named Tardar in a period of one year can already earn income of 200 million dollars or equivalent to 2 trillion rupiah by becoming internet celebrity. This price even beat the income of famous soccer player, Christiano Ronaldo, which revolves around the number 524 billion rupiah.


How Loopers? It turns out a lot of secrets are kept the same animal that is funny yes. Hemm, do not ngeremehin cat deh.